Tipiliuke Lodge

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Tipiliuke fishing and hunting Lodge - "Cerro de los Pinos"

The Ranch is unique place located in the Chimehuin valley, just 10 minutes away from Chapelco airport and about 20 miles from San Martin de los Andes.

The estancia Cerro de los Pinos where the Lodge is situated covers more than 50,000 acres. The Chimehuin River and the Quilquihue river run through it.

Surrounded by beautiful landscapes and hundreds of different tree species, the main house combines a magnificent 90 years old orginal stone-wood architecture with a modern and fully remodeled, warm and cozy setup.

The Lodge has nine beautiful and spacious bedrooms with private bathroom, living room, dining room and all the necessary common spaces surrounded by the magnificent garden.

A sauna and a massage room were added to complete the exquisite enviroment that Tipiliuke Lodge offers.


The famous Chimehuin River

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The world-renowned Chimehuin has an amazing variety of waters, where each cast will represent the challenge to catch rainbows and browns up to 30".

Side channels, islands, shallow and wide riffles followed by deep runs, cut-banks, back-eddies.... a world or fantastic structure provide a unique habitat for trout and fun structure for the anglers enjoy every cast!

It's crystal clear waters will never stop surprising. Average fish run 16" to 20", while 21" to 24" trout are often taken.

Good mayflies and caddis hatches can be predictable during the summer. Also big foam flies and terrestrials are always very effective!

Not many fish that last hour of light, but if you feel like trying it one night, fishing the Hexagenia hatch could by a great and wild experience!

Chimehuin River Photos
  JAN 2007 - George G. Big Brown on the Chimehuin INCH WORMS
We were Sight fishing and I spotted this big brown feeding between some smaller rainbows in one of the Chimehuin River side channel.
The trout was very active, feeding constantly. She moved for the inch worm the first cast that landed close by, but then she refused the fly. We changed for a dry fly imitation of the adult worm, and bingo... TIPILIUKE Lodge
San Huberto Tipiliuke Quemquemtreu Collon Cura Arroyo Verde Rio Quillen Alumine River
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