San Huberto Lodge

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San Huberto fishing and hunting Lodge:

The Lodge is tactically located. Just 50 minutes drive from Chapelco airport, on a 25,000 acre estancia, with more than 30 miles of private access to Malleo river and Huaca Mamuil spring creek, this beautiful and traditional Lodge can guest up to 12 anglers.

Enjoy this family managed classic fishing lodge where every detail has been studied to make you feel just like at your own place.

All inclusive style service with excellent food and service, 10 spacious rooms with private bathroom, living room with library and fire place, dinning room, after fishing open bar with regional snacks and drinks, quiet and relaxing atmosphere, spa area (hot tub, massage room), wi-fi internet service ....


The Legendary Malleo River


Smaller than most of the rivers of the area, but with amazing water structures, The Malleo river is just paradise for dry-fly fishing and light tackle.

Mayflies, caddis and small stoneflies hatches, are really frequent and predictable through most of the fishing season.

Classic mid size dry flies (#12 - #16), like Adams, Red Quill's, March Brown's, Elk hair Caddis work great earlier in the summer while BWO, Blue Duns, and #16-#20 mayfly patterns are requierd from Mid March on...

The Malleo just offers all: easy and fast access to the river, plus very easy wadding in the upper section, "reachable" sight-fishing, moderate speed of water.

This water is ONLY WADE FISHING and catch and release river.





Add easy wading, great water, sight fishing for wild and powerful trout, to spectacular views; the only result you can get is: "the perfect trout stream".


Private access to the Huaca Mamuil stream

The Huaca, is basically a mountain "spring stream" that borns in the Lanin National Park and runs through several miles inside San Huberto's property till it meets the Malleo River.

Its an early season fishery for us. We visit the Huaca from November to Late January and I can say that we have some fanatics!

The stream of pristine crystal clear waters offers the chance to do a good amount of sight fishing, and it is ideal for those who don't mind hiking a little bit to find our challenging targets.

Deep pools with rocky dark bottoms, shallow long runs, curves, riffles, drop offs, plenty of pockets to find big browns that in some cases they will measure over 24"... just a perfect little stream you'll enjoy!

HD Videos - sight fishing at the Huaca Mamuil stream


Dry Fly Fishing Lago Tromen

I consider the Tromen Lake unique. The access to it is limited buy one public entrance and through San Huberto, which translates in very low fishing  pressure and great trout fishing.

Many anglers consider lake fishing as a boring experience. "Casting all day long a streamer with a sinking line into some deep holes, drop offs and pockets" Well I must say that is not the only way to do it!

Tromen lake offers amazing sight fishing. Locating cruising 20 plus inches rainbows and casting to them a dry fly is much more fun that many anglers thinks! Just fun all the way!

Even the non-anglers will enjoy a day at the Lake. Just getting there through the National Park road is a lot of fun. Then the scenery is just incredible, in the middle of the rain forest... amazing views!

San Huberto Tipiliuke Quemquemtreu Collon Cura Arroyo Verde Rio Quillen Alumine River
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