Chimehuin Specialists Slide Shows - Estancia Quemquemtreu - Northern Patagonia Argentina

Inside Quemquemtreu Fishing Lodge:

A selection of 12 photos including dining room, living room, views from some rooms

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Quemquemtreu Ranch Lifestyle - Gauchos & horses

14 photos showing a part of the ranch activities besides the fishing lodge.... Gauchos, cattle polo horses


Scenic Quemquemtreu

20 photos from the area, taken around the 180.000 acres. Scenic views from the Collon Cura river Valley, the Lanin Volcano, some Wild Life ...

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Quemquemtreu's Bar

10 photos - Every day after fishing, we all gather together at "the Bar".... And old building that was re-furnished to work as a bar....OPEN BAR with home made snacks!

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Just Outside the Fishing Lodge

36 photos - Once you step outside the fishing lodge door you wlil be inmediatly inmersed in an original Patagonian ranch - The lanscapes, gardens, tree lines with huge poplars and willows ... Just enjoy this virtual tour!

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