COLLON CURA Fishing Lodge

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Collon Cura Fishing Lodge:

Located about one hour plus from Chapelco Airport and less than 2 hours away from Bariloche Airport , almost in the middle of a high desert, Collon Cura Lodge offers private access to the best sections of this river. Not fancy but very functional and pleasent, it’s simplicity makes it work just perfect.

This Lodge offers 4 comfortable double rooms with private bathroom, sharing a small living room and will accommodate a maximum of 8 guests.

During your stay, enjoy their perfect home made style dinners and the most wonderful pic-nics/river-lunchs, complemented with fresh vegetables from their own garden and selected Argentine red wines.

Satelite TV and internet access (WI FI and an available desktop pc) are part of the service.


Private access to miles and miles of the lower Collon Cura River


Collon Cura is the biggest river around the area. More than 25 miles of river, plus channels and lagoons, are accessible through the estancia where the lodge is situated.

The access to the fishing areas is really fast and convenient using the paved provincial road and the ranch internal roads.

Day float trips on different sections of the river involving a the chance to wade too, will make fishing more than productive, providing non-stop action.

Trout ranging between 14 and 22 inches will test your fly rods and reels to the limit, pulling the backing out of your spools, in many cases....

If you like the dry fly action and light tackle, late December and January can be amazing, if the green "inch worm hatch" is ON. Also terrestrials and big attractor patterns work very well, specially fishing against cut-banks.

Usually during February, March and April a big migration of minnows floods the river, while big browns and rainbows follow them in schools, attacking them during the entire day, so if you are looking for a trophy trout, this could be a great time to visit this unique place !





Drifting the Collon Cura for the day it's just the ideal way to fist it! Collon Cura offers great-fast-easy access to amazing fishing water on the lower section of the river


Collon Cura River - "Worms and minnows"

Not necessarily a rule, but in a normal season the green worms will start falling from the willows at some point during late December, spreading through different areas along the Collon Cura and Alumine river bank.

This "hatch" might last in occasions and specific areas till early March.

This is an amazing and fun moment to be fishing at the Collon Cura!


Almost every season and depending on the weather and speed of the water, different types of minnows gather together in schools and start migrating upstream from the lower Collon Cura dam lake.

They start in the lower runs first and trout turn as aggressive as you can imagine, making some hunts vissible from far away.

In general we fish small minnow patterns using floating lines. It's really something unique and great fun!

Some big browns mix together with the rainbows in the feeding frenzy.....

  Collon Cura is recommended for any level of angler. Lot's of action on dries and streames, surrounded by unique scenarios.
San Huberto Tipiliuke Quemquemtreu Collon Cura Arroyo Verde Rio Quillen Alumine River
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