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small and cozy accommodations in town boutique hotels and hosterias cabin resorts and apart hotels work great for families and during longer stays located in the lake district by the andes mountain range by Lacar lake, on the 7 lakes road - Lanin National Park shop, groceries and restaurants are all easy to reach and in walking distance outdoors activities can be easily planned and are just minutes away from town
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Offering the finest fly fishing throughout Patagonia Argentina



Mi name is Pablo Zaleski, licensed fly fishing guide and outfitter for the Northwest Section of Patagonia Argentina since 1999, where the most beautiful dry fly fishing rivers I ever fished are.

I invite you to discover the beauty of this unique place, near the Andes mountain range, surrounded by magical views and wild nature, comfortable warm weather, and the most important, having access to some of the finest trout fly fishing around the globe.

For years discriminating anglers have chosen us to tailor make their trips to Patagonia Argentina and we personally participate and take care of every detail to help to design the ideal trip for them.

You will find solitude and superb fishing while you enjoy the Argentine hospitality , great food with red wines. 100% customizable trip plans and easy schedules lodging in great accommodations, whether you choose to stay in Town or Estancias (ranches).

Non-Fishermen are always welcome. Other activities can be easily programmed. Enjoy bird watching, horse-back riding, hiking and exploring wonderful landscapes and Lanin National Park. Take a tour through the “Seven Lakes Road”, a breath-taking experience. Golf in a brand new Jack Nicklaus & Jack Nicklaus II, 18 holes par 72 golf course, and more!

We are dedicated and passionate fly fishermen, anxious and exited about sharing our fantastic country and fishing. Devoted to make of this experience, your greatest fly fishing vacation ever!

Pablo Zaleski

We are commited to make your outdoors flyfishing travel dreams come true!



If you are searching the web and this will be your first trip to Patagonia Argentina always look for certified and professional guides and outfitters, they should be ready to show their licenses and navy cerifications to you!

Credentials any guide should carry

Prestador Turístico Habilitado: License provided by the province government and gives the guide the right to guide inside Neuquen Province (The National Park is not included)

Province guiding & outfitting license, click to enlarge

Botero Guia de Rafting: License provided by the Argentinean Navy allowing Us to row a raft or drift boat while guiding. So this certification is mandatory just for the guides that do float trips.

Navy rowing License, click to enlarge

Skiff Navy approval/certification: Every floating device meant to use as a tourism utility boat (boat/raft/cataraft/skiff/drift boat) requieres a specific certification from PREFECTURA NAVAL ARGENTINA (Navy). The certification number (matricula) has to be show in every boat we use for guiding porpoises.

Lanin National Park License

Guia de Pesca con Mosca del Parque Nacional Lanin (Fly Fishing Guide for the Lanin National Park) : License provided by the Argentinean National Park Administration enabling the fly fishing guide to work inside the Lanin National Park.

Lanin National Park License

Total assistance for your trip, just let us know!

San Huberto Tipiliuke Quemquemtreu Collon Cura Arroyo Verde Rio Quillen Alumine River
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